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Vegan Meal Plan:


 Each vegan meal is 500 calories or less and contains no dairy, or animal-based products whatsoever. The vegan meals are flavor packed, perfectly portioned in microwave safe containers and ready to eat. Select your choice of protein and sides and create your ideal meal plan today.

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Low-Carb Meal Plan:


Our meal plans provide balanced low carb options that include a variety of selections of proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables. Select your plan, and have your meals delivered this week.

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Vegetarian Meal Plan:

Select your healthy and delicious plant-based meals from our variety of vegetarian meal plans. Our meal plans are easily customizable in order to support your specific dietary requirements.

Appetizer Buffet Table


Meal Plan Pricing:


5 -$110

8 - $155

14 - $228

 plus tax

For more details about items and pricing, please email us.

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