Vegan Meal Prep Menu:



Meatless meatballs & spaghetti w/ sauteed veggies. 


Meatless meatballs in gravy over cauliflower mash w/ roasted rainbow carrots


Poblano enchiladas w/ fiesta cauli rice


Smothered steak w/ mashed cauliflower and green beans 


Sauteed portobello & mushroom tacos, refried black beans & gluten free Spanish rice


Jackfruit pulled pork sweet potatoes w/ slaw, collard greens & vegan cornbread 


Stuffed bell peppers w/ sauteed veggies 


Egg plant Parm over zucchini pasta


Keto Meal Plan Menu:


Cilantro lime chicken, over seasoned cauli-rice, w/ tomato, cucumber & avocado salad. 


**(Bunless) Peppered bacon cheeseburger, w/ keto Cobb salad.


**Baked lemon garlic salmon, roasted asparagus, & garlic butter mushrooms. 


*Shrimp scampi over zucchini noodles, & roasted vegetables. 


*Cream cheese & spinach stuffed chicken, cauli Mac, cucumber & tomato Greek salad.


Meal Plan Pricing:



8- $100

10- $120

14- $145 

 plus tax and delivery.

For more details about items and pricing, please email us.

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